Sanika Sakhardand

President Student Council

Leaving a mark behind and devoting herself to each and every challenge that she takes up is the motto Sanika follows. A proud Ourownite, Sanika is devoted to the vision and success of not only herself, but student community as a whole. She believes in bringing out the best in every student. Being a powerful debater and eloquent orator, this journey of hard work and determination has earned her the recognition of Best Orator title in several Model United Nations as well as title of Most Confident Debater in the MENA. Her love and passion for sports has enabled her to become a silver medalist in the UAE Table Tennis Women's League, and has given her the opportunity to represent Our Own at CBSE table tennis Nationals after winning a gold medalist at the Inter-School Clusters. Sanika is a strong - willed leader who believes in building a thriving and supportive student community, and envisions to do so through fruitful initiatives as the President of the Student Council for this academic year.