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Encore: Eurhythmics Presentation

22nd June 2020

Eurhythmics engages the body in rhythmic movements and active listening – full of fun and music, it also plays a critical role in developing motor movements in young children. The students of Kindergarten 1 showcased their talents to their parents and teachers online during the eurhythmics presentation ‘Encore’ held on 22nd June 2020. It gave our tiny tots the perfect platform to exhibit their rhythmic co-ordination, as they combined movement and music with mindfulness and imagination. They were dressed up in colourful attires with eye-catching headgears and used props made by themselves as per the theme of the songs, namely ‘Mommy has a Little Girl’, ‘Touch the Stars’ and ‘Chicken Dance’.  Each class was divided into three groups and were trained by their class teachers. During the session, KG1 online classes were brimming with excitement as the little ones thoroughly enjoyed dancing in coordination with the different musical notes.

Click here to watch a few glimpses from the performances!

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