Happiness Day

25th June 2020

The Grade 5 students celebrated Happiness Day on Thursday, June 25, 2020. It was a day with a variety of surprise activities which made the students happy. The day commenced with a Virtual Field Trip to a place of their choice which was selected through a poll. The children were dressed to the occasion with sun glasses, caps, backpacks etc. They thoroughly enjoyed the trip. This was followed by Snack Time and Circle Time wherein the students got into groups, shared snacks, cracked jokes, asked riddles and had fun interacting with their friends. They participated in fun games like memory game and the Freeze Tag Game got the students dancing to their favorite songs. 

Parents were invited to join The Scavenger Hunt which invoked creativity among the parents and students. They created a decorative piece using the items mentioned in the list. Prizes were awarded for the three best decorative pieces. Finally, 50 minutes of Off Screen Time was allotted to the students to surprise their parents with house hold chores. The students shared pictures of washing utensils, cleaning rooms, folding clothes and cutting vegetables to make their parents happy by helping them. At 11.30 pm they met again and shared their experiences of this special day and thanked their teacher for the wonderful surprise. On the whole, they enjoyed the special day dedicated to happiness.

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