Revive News

REVIVE – 2020

21st June 2020

“Inhale the Future and Exhale the Past”

The student leaders came up with a one day initiative - “REVIVE- A SOUVENIR OF HARMONY AND A TOOL FOR LIFE”- on the occasion of International Yoga Day on the 21st of July 2020, for all the students. The school can be proud about the fact that its young leaders once again proved virtual barriers cannot stop them. The school celebrated the day by recognizing its universal appeal by organising ‘REVIVE’ that comprised  of a yoga tutorial created and starred in by [Evelyn Tessy Emmanuel 11-D, Aditri Monish 6-N, Devna Prakash 6-R, Parvathy Ramadas 10-L, Amritha Ravichandran 10-M ], the students of OOS, Sharjah Girls. They showcased simple yoga warm ups, stretches, breathing exercises, meditation and a few yoga poses. The students were encouraged to follow the detailed instructions given and to make yoga a common practice in their day to day lifestyle. A common platform was created in Near Pod for the students to share their thoughts and yoga practices. They educated each other on the importance of Yoga and meditation and why it should be a part of their everyday life. REVIVE was a great platform for the students to be a part of the International Yoga Day celebrations during the pandemic.  

Meanwhile the students of KG celebrated International Yoga Day with the theme  -‘Yoga at home, Yoga with family’. They followed instructions from a child friendly video on simple exercises as the teacher enumerated various health benefits when yoga is practised on a regular basis.

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