President eco club


President – Eco Club

Jeevanaa  excels  in multitasking, both in academics  and  co-curricular  activities.  She  is  a  dedicated  leader,  an  aspiring  orator,  an  imaginative  and  creative  thinker  and  a  proud  Ourownite for the past 14 years. She  has  represented  the  school  in  several  science  exhibitions  ,interschool  debates,  quizzes,  singing  competitions,  art  competitions  and  is  ever  ready  to  actively  participate  in more.  She  sets  a  great  example  to  all  the  younger  students  that  self-belief  and  hard work  will  always  earn  you  success.  As  the  President  of  Eva  Green,  she  seeks  to  develop  the  school  into  an  absolute  environment- friendly campus with her inner zeal .

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