Sarah Mariam Suni

Sarah Mariam Sunil

Head Girl

“There is no secret ingredient…To make something special you just have to believe it’s special!” Sarah strongly believes in the infinite potential within each one of us and is honoured to lead the student body as Head Girl to voice its concerns. She loves working with different kinds of people and s is very approachable. Sarah is an enthusiastic leader and credits leadership to be a team effort. Her leadership journey began as a Parliamentarian in Grade 1, to Leader of Opposition in Grade 7 and now, Head Girl. Sarah is a confident public speaker and has brought home accolades in the Madam Varkey Memorial Pitch Perfect Competition, K.S. Varkey Elocution Contest, EEG Public Speaking Competition & SCOPE. She is also a passionate singer and a member of the school music club. She is a strong advocate of self-love and self-care, and in her free time, can be found reading, sketching or practising meditation and yoga.