KG1 TRA LA LA 2020

23 January 2020.

Music has a power that goes beyond words. In order to help our little ones appreciate the world of music and connect with it, Kindergarten1 conducted a Musical Presentation- “Tra-La-La” on January 23, 2020. The children have been learning about the various cultures from around the world as part of the curriculum. Our Musical Presentation was the culmination of their learning about different world cultures. The theme for this year’s musical event was a collection of popular animated Disney movie songs in different languages from around the world. Through this, they promoted the values of being tolerant while appreciating the co-existence of diverse cultures of people residing in the UAE. The songs were accompanied with props representing the country or song they sang. The vivacious and spontaneous performances alongside the beautiful rendition of songs, left the audience spellbound. This event provided the little ones with a platform for exposure to a charming, uninhibited theatrical experience and enhanced their rhythmic sense.