Brain Sim Inter School Business Simulation Contest 2018

Thursday 25th October, 2018

The Brain-Sim is an inter school business simulation contest that challenges a student’s decision-making ability in a real-time computer-simulated business environment. The Brain Sim aims at recognizing students in their final 2 years of high school with impressive business caliber and distinctive talents.

Our school students registered and took part in a short multiple choice aptitude online test on 20th October 2018. Top 3 scoring students were invited to participate in the finals held at SP Jain campus on 25th October 2018. Our Own Girls’ team comprised of Sara Ann Jacob (12 E), Saba Habeeb (12 F) and Madhulika Karthi (12 G). Twenty four teams from different schools participated.

On Brain-Sim finals, students worked together in teams of 3 as business heads on the existing virtual business entity presented to them and competed with other school teams in SP Jain’s state-of-the-art Simulation Lab. These simulations are designed by Harvard University. The simulation task assigned to the finalists was to endorse eco-friendly products as Innovation Directors of a Sunglass Company, pressurized by the outside market. The challenge was to get the members of your company to adopt your proposal in the least amount of weeks since every move you make to gather the support put you at risk of losing credibility and time and also gives you a chance to bring people on your side. The objective of the simulation was to achieve maximum profitability for the business.

Participating in the Brain-Sim 2018, was a great learning journey for the entire team. This was an opportunity for a unique experience by being a part of a virtual business and explore the influence of real-world skills such as decision-making, creativity, negotiation and teamwork in a fun & competitive environment.  At 3.30 pm, the program ended by prize distribution to winners . Our Students received Certificates of Participation from Mr. Marko Selakovic, Director – Institutional Development & Student Recruitment.