CBSE Merit Certificate Awardees 2018

March 2018 CBSE Board Exams

Congratulations to our students who have been awarded Certificate of Merit  by the CBSE board as they have been placed in the  top 0.1% of the Successful candidates based on their outstanding performance in the Senior School Certificate Examination, March 2018.

Anu Kurian Pattam (Chemistry)

Shruti Susan Mathews (Physics)

Aliya Kamil Qureshi(Informatics Practices)

Arsheen Khaja (Psychology)

Avelyn Thazhuthadath Kishore(Physics, Chemistry, Math)

Zeba Muhammed Faisal ( Informatics Practices)

Aadishree Ravi (Psychology)

Aafreen Ahmed(Psychology,History)

Abigail Noronha (Sociology)

Ashlin Mary Titto (Sociology)

Donnelly Clata Mazarello (Psychology)

Megha Vishnu (Sociology)