The Science Expo’ at Ambassador School on 12th May 2018

OOS students bagged the Overall trophy in the ‘The Science Expo’ at Ambassador School on 12th May 2018. The one-day event included four rounds- ‘The Do it Yourself, Lego Challenge, Battle With Words and Scientastic Project.’

 OOS students won the First Prizes in LEGO Challenge and the Scientastic Project, and First Runner-Up Prizes in Battle With Words - Debate and The Do it Yourself.  

Claret Thanikkal (12 A), Jaimy Simon (12 A), Mariah Rodrigues (12 A) and Gayatri S. Menon (12 B)  created environmental friendly plastic from bananas. The team was led by Mrs. Reena Chacko from Grades 7 &8, Physics Department. 

Shreya Nair (12 A) and Ann Jacob (12 D) participated in the impromptu debate- Battle with Words. They were assisted and led by Mrs. Ruby from Grades 11 &12, Chemistry Department. 

Neha Suresh (8H), Ruha Teresa Renu (8K), Jeevanaa Suresh Babu (8E) and Vyshnavi Vinod (8K) designed a model for the sustainable community on Mars using LEGO blocks and recyclable materials. 

Anam Aslam (4G), Thara Khalyani(5G), Jehan Ibrahim(5L) and Poorvika (3K) crafted a vehicle which operates using hydraulic power from materials given on the spot. The primary teams were accompanied by Mrs. Shabana Ansari and Mrs. Ganima.