18th JANUARY 2017

GEMS MODERN ACADEMY, DUBAI had organized a DOODLING Competition. The competition aimed  at students of Grade1-9 that was divided into 4 categories.

Category1- grade- 1 – Doodling on Paper Bag.

Category2- grade- 2 – Doodling on Paper Bag.

Category3- grade- 5-8 – group- Making sculpture of human figure using cardboard, milk bottle, recycle materials.

Category4- grade- 9- 2 students in a group- Doodling on Canvas Shoes. (Students brought the shoes on their own)

Our school was represented by the following students:

S.no.     Name                                   Class     Sec

1         NAVAMI SUNIL                            2           N
2         NORBIYA TAYEIRJIANG                4           I
3         SARAH MARIAM SUNIL                5           F
4         SHAHEEN NAZAR                        6           J
5         NEOLA CASTELINO                     7            E
6         SANA SUBOOHI                          8           N
7         KAVYASHREE                              9           C
8         MRIDULA MUKUND                       9           C

 There were 2 Prizes for each category- First Prize and Runner’s up Prize. Out of four categories OOS, Girls bagged the first Prize for  category 2 and category 3.

The participants will receive certificates that will be delivered to the school at a later date.

 A workshop was organized by the school  where students, teachers and renowned artists worked together in collaboration to make canvases.

Drawing Sheets and wooden frames were provided for anybody who was interested in art as part of an activity. They were also visually treated to  a Dance programme. The  art teachers were able to through the  workshop exchanged  ideas.