The Children’s Innovation Fest –UAE 2018

10th and 11th of November

The UAE Children’s Innovation Congress was carried out on the 10th and 11th of November at Global International Indian School Dubai. The programme lasted for two days showcasing various science projects initiated by the students.

The programme was initiated by the Science India Forum and was judged by Dr.Hemant Pande, Head of the Chemistry Department, Hislop College and Dr .Ajay Mahajan, Physics. They taught science in a non-conventional manner and trained others to involve students in learning science through practice. The unique expertise of the prominent and eminent judges and unique teaching sessions opened up a new thinking arena and provided the students with the right information to carry out their future scientific endeavors.

The main theme for UAE Children’s Science Congress 2018 was “Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for a Clean, Green and Healthy Nation.

The various activities and competitions included were as follows:

• National Children’s Science Congress -UAE level screening, a program which is a part of National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC).

• Poster making competition 

• Essay writing

• Elocution 

• Science skit

The competition witnessed the presence of 55 schools with over 515 participants.

Our school did extremely well by scoring in both the senior and junior categories.

Our accolades include:

 Senior Category

(i)  Essay Writing - Aswathy Dinesh 11D - First place

(ii)  Poster Making - Itemat Sauria (11D)and Megha Jayakumar (9K) - First place

(iii) Elocution - Anagha Rajesh 11 B - Second place
(iv)  Skit- A Letter to the Future - Second place
     Done by:

  • Izma Fathima-9J
  • Serin Ann Biju-9H
  • Diya K Menon-9H
  • Aimee Sarah Jacob-9H
  • Uma Shankari-9H

 Junior Category

(i) Elocution -  Sreelakshmi Krishnakumar (8L) – First place

(ii) Junior skit -A call from the future -Second place
        Done by:
      • Syeda Samiya Anjum-8K
      • Ruha Tressa Renu-8K
      • Nikita Rebecca Mathew-8K
      • Melviya Mathews-8K
      • Jisna Johnson-8K

The winners met the Principal Mrs. Asma Gilani, who encouraged and motivated the students to continue their scientific endeavors.  They were congratulated for their effort with a note of appreciation presented to them for their contribution in the school’s development.

 Senior categories

Itemat Sauria (11D) and Megha Jayakumar (9K)  secured first place in poster making.