United Nations Simulation Conference 2018

19th of November, 2018

The students from Our Own English High School soared in the ‘United Nations Simulation Conference’ held by Our Own Indian School, Al Quoz on Monday the 19th of November 2018. The students of Our Own who possess a prowess for speaking made the school proud yet again by not only winning individual awards but also contributing towards wining 'The Rolling trophy’!

 The delegation sent by our school won the following accolades:

Nithisha Nanthakumar represented AUSTRALIA in UNESCO

  • Best Position Paper: 1st place
  • Best Opening Speech: 2nd place
  • The Best Delegate: 3rd place
  • Best Draft Resolution: 3rd place

 Anagha Rajesh represented BOLIVIA in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY

  • The Best Delegate: 1st place
  • The Best Draft Resolution: 1st place
  • Best Position Paper: 3rd place

 Aneira Pereira represented IRAN in the GENERAL ASSEMBLY

  • Best Opening Speech: 2nd place
  • The Best Delegate: 3rd place

Jeslin Binu represented IRAN in the SECURITY COUNCIL:

Best Opening Speech: 1st place

 In essence, it was an insightful session which proved to be exciting at every step along the way; it was fundamentally held to stir up a passion amongst the youth for current world issues and ideas to deal with them.  The eloquent speeches, articulate papers and the staggering points raised by the students during the session were much thought-provoking. Thanks to the ideas and efforts of the students and the undaunted cooperation of the teachers we were able to clinch the coveted ROLLING TROPHY for 2018.