Visit to Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Abu Dhabi

29 October 2018

Our Own Girls participated in the "Nuclear Science for Development" competition launched by the UAE to encourage secondary school pupils in the UAE to consider the peaceful and practical uses of nuclear energy. The competition was held at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, Abu Dhabi on 29 October 2018 from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Team- Sci 4 consisting of Anagha Rajesh-11B, Edina Catherine-11D, Isha Tiwari-11C & Renni Michael 11 C submitted their proposals ‘Beyond Electricity ’-about the role of nuclear science in improving human health. The proposal was reviewed by experts and was selected among the top 3 teams in this category. The Sci4 was the only CBSE team who made it to the final phase of the competition. The team and the mentor Ms Reshmi Xavier was invited to showcase their project at the NSFD FINALE, on 31st October, at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi. Students were also awarded an exclusive visit to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant,    Abu Dhabi on 29 October 2018. Mr. Abdul Salam Al Shamsi & Dr. Ahmed Bentiba, two supervisors from the ministry also accompanied the teams. The organisers started the event with a presentation on the Nuclear Energy and the UAE’s nuclear project at Barakah, which was extremely insightful and highlighted the future of the UAE in this aspect. The students had an enriching experience and gained a lot of knowledge on the inner workings and control centers at the Simulator Training Centre in Barakah. It was indeed a wonderful experience and the students enjoyed every moment of the most privileged visit.