35th KS VARKEY English Elocution Contest

13th November, 2019

The 35th KS Varkey Inter-School Elocution Contest, a prestigious and the most awaited event every year, was held on 13th November 2019.  Five students from different schools were selected for the final round. Both our contestants, Evelyn Tessy Emmanuel (10 L) and Jehan Ibrahim (6K) secured the second position in their respective category and our school was declared the overall winner. OOS has once again, brought home the coveted KS Varkey Rolling Trophy.

The contest serves as a rostrum for the students of this technological era, to flaunt their oratory skills and allure the audience. The preliminary rounds were held on 6th and 7th November 2019.  The contestants were judged on audibility, clarity, retention, pronunciation, expression, confidence/poise and effectiveness of delivery.

The contest was highly competitive and all the participants were extremely confident in the delivery of their pieces. The judges appreciated their certitude and encouraged them to hone their skills in public speaking.