Chrysalis 2019-20

9th February 2020

Dancing for a cause :

12 students of Grade-4 bagged the 2nd Prize in the Inter-School Junior Fest- Chrysalis for Caper and Fuse dance titled RHYTHM OF KINDNESS. The dance portrayed the life of a young girl who wanted to become a singer but her life was in total darkness when she became the victim of acid attack. With the kind support and encouragement of her family members, friends and people around her she tried to rebuild her life. She had become a symbol of strength and inspiration for many women around the world. This incident did not outrage her, nor did she nurture bitterness in her heart, it rather made her more determined and her heart was filled with compassion and kindness towards people like her. She dedicated her life to uplifting all unfortunate victims.

Design Thinking Competition:

The students of Grade 5 secured second place in the Creatif Innover- Design Thinking Competition held at Gems Our Own Indian High School on 9th February 2020. They brainstormed innovative ideas on how to design the prototype of a fun ride for the determined using the given materials. They built an impressive model with the limited resources provided to them using their creativity. They designed a logo and the crisp catchy jingle caught the attention of the judges who appreciated the innovative ideas of the students.

The following students of Grade 5 participated in the competition:

Dhriti Srikant Saraogi  5E      

Anam  Aslam  5G             

Diya  Tony  5I                  

Anwesha  Chowdhury  5J 

Sraosha Angel  Lyall  5M  

Mysha Asad Khan  5P