Digifest 2018

An intraschool competition

DIGIFEST [an intraschool competition] launched this year is an initiative taken up by the Computer Science department and innovation team to promote technology and innovation and providing a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas. The event encourages participation of all students. Through Digifest, the students are challenged to design or prototype an innovative technology and to demonstrate that this technology can be successful in a commercial product/process. It is an opportunity to explore digital power.
Digi Fest 2018 involved students from KG 1 to Grade 12. The Initial round of competition was held in the month of May, where 385 students were shortlisted for the final round of competition. The students could choose their respective areas of expertise and select their projects of interest from any of the project categories (Digital Painting, Digital Designing, Web page Designing, Robotics, Data Management, Data Representation, Gaming, Programming, Digital Animation, Movie Making) and work on it.
The final round of competition was held on the 11th September 2018 in the school ITLabs.Of the 385 finalists, 92 students were declared winners. The winners were felicitated in the School Auditorium at a special ceremony on 12th of September 2018 between 8.30 a.m. and10.00 a.m. The fest enabled democratization of learning. It brought out the critical thinking and reasoning skills of aspiring students. The objective of the fest was to serve as a platform to exhibit the innovation and logical dexterity of budding minds of future.
Ms Asma Gilani, Principal of Our Own School, Sharjah, one who believes that dreams aspirations of students should always be attended to, engaged herself in a very active session with the students. During the session, the students spoke about how they were supported by teachers, parents and friends in discovering the unknown. After the prize distribution, Ms Hemlata Thawani, Headmistress of the school felicitated both the winners and the participants. She commended their efforts as these will keep them prepared for the digital challenges ahead.