Vision and Mission


Striving for excellence, striding towards success and seeking new horizons of personal growth and worth.


GEMS Our Own English High School, Sharjah - Girls is a diverse learning organization comprising of educators, students and parents who share mutual trust and high expectations and together strive to achieve high standards of holistic education and learning for life in an inclusive environment.

A Diverse Learning Organization

  • Excel as a learning organization
  • Adapt and learn from change
  • Continually improve our quality of service

Shared Expectations

  • Foster healthy parental partnerships
  • Provide avenues for beneficial parental involvement

An Atmosphere of Mutual Respect and Trust

  • Create a climate that assures the total involvement of students in learning
  • Foster positive relationships between Students, Teachers, Peers and Staff
  • Ensure safety and security of students and staff
  • Provide opportunities for demonstrating responsibility
  • Encourage respect for self, each other and the academic fraternity

The Holistic Education of Every Student

  • Physical - healthy body development
  • Mental & Intellectual – healthy mind and knowledge development
  • Social - healthy relationship development
  • Ethical Values – healthy value development
  • Emotional – healthy development of emotional intelligence

Empowering Towards Learning for Life

  • Adopt the best pedagogical practices
  • Promote Learning that is deep and lasting

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