Our Community

OOS aims at promoting an outstanding student experience through an outstanding community. We encourage strong connections among students and teachers and partnership of the parents with our faculty, staff and administration. The community at OOS stimulates each student to develop the values of positive behavior and a sense of responsibility.

Latest contributions to the Community

  • Clean up Campaign, 2019

    Over 110 volunteers from OOS participated in the 18th edition of Clean Up the UAE 2019 being held under the Patronage of the Ministry of Economy.

  • Social Care Complex, Sharjah

    The complete life, the perfect pattern, includes old age as well as youth and maturity. Old age has its pleasures, which though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth."

    community-old people house
  • Eva Green - The Eco Club

    To instill among students the values of positive behavior, a sense of responsibility and to empower them with sustainable practices. Eva Green - the Eco Club of the school provides opportunities for students to explore and create solutions through various Eco initiatives.