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Secondary School

Grade IX - X

Welcome to the Secondary School at Our Own English High School Sharjah Girls

This is the culminating stage of secondary education wherein students are prepared for Senior School. Classroom teaching is complemented by laboratory work, audio-visual lessons and student-led research work. GEMS core values and Green values are linked not only while teaching in classrooms but also while engaging in co-scholastic activities. Seminars and workshops by professionals from various academic and vocational fields are arranged to help students narrow down their choices to the field they would like to pursue. 

Students are encouraged to participate in a host of co-curricular activities including elocution, debates, quizzes, essay writing and so on. Students also get opportunities to be part of the school magazine 'Strides'. As a part of the school's thrust towards developing confident and dynamic student leaders, it has evolved a system of selecting student appointments from amongst a large group of bright and responsible students. Student leaders are thus empowered to enforce discipline, assist in organizing school functions and liaise between the student body and the school's administration. By this stage students become independent learners and take the responsibility of setting their targets and achieving them.


Subjects Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular
English Art Education
Second Language Hindi/Urdu/Malayalam/French/Arabic (for Grade-9 only) Health & Physical Education
Science SEWA
Mathematics Art Education
Social Studies & UAE Social Studies
Arabic (Optional for Grade 10)
Islamic Studies
Moral Education

Head of Secondary School

Rachel Godfrey Pereira

Dedicated and student focused professional with 23 years of service in GEMS. Joined OOS in 1996 and during her long tenure has carried out multiple roles.

Rachel Godfrey Pereira

Subject Description (CBSE Mandate)

Subject-wise Curriculum for Grade-9

Subject-wise Curriculum for Grade-10

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