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Secondary School

Grade IX - X

Welcome to the Secondary School at Our Own English High School Sharjah Girls

This is the culminating stage of secondary education wherein students are prepared to appear for the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by CBSE.

The syllabus is structured and controlled, making use of standardised NCERT textbooks.

Secondary Curriculum provides students a broad and balanced understanding of subjects including languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science to enable students to communicate effectively, analyze information, make informed decisions, construct their worldview and move ahead in the direction of becoming productive citizens.

Students acquire adequate knowledge and skills in other core areas like Health and Physical Education, Life Skills, Value Education, Art and Work Education.

Subjects offered in Secondary school Level

Subjects Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular
English Art Education
Second Language-Hindi/Urdu/Malayalam/French/Arabic  Health & Physical Education
Science SEWA
Social Studies & UAE Social Studies
MOE Arabic (Optional for Grade 10)
Islamic Studies
Moral Education programme
 6th Subject-Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Physical Activity Trainer, Introduction to Financial markets  


Secondary School

Subject-wise Curriculum for Grade-9

Subject-wise Curriculum for Grade-10

Head of Secondary School

Rachel Godfrey Pereira

Dedicated and student focused professional with 23 years of service in GEMS. Joined OOS in 1996 and during her long tenure has carried out multiple roles.

Rachel Godfrey Pereira

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