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Middle School

Grade VI - VIII

Welcome to The Middle School at Our Own English High School Sharjah

The curriculum in the middle school is comprehensive and balanced focusing on the holistic development of every student. It lays emphasis on the integration of Science and Technology, relating Math to daily life and concept based teaching in Social Science. Languages focus on enhancing students’ communication and creative skills making them effective communicators and confident individuals.

A wide range of teaching and learning strategies are provided for students to have real life experiences and take responsibility for their own learning. Through collaborative work and investigative learning students learn to apply critical reasoning, problem solving and thinking skills. E-learning prepares students for the 21st century student community.

The curriculum includes activities such as drama, debate, creative writing, elocution, quizzes, painting and sketching, educational trips and attending workshops. Under the banner of “PULSE(PERSONAL UNIVERSAL AND LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION), students are provided opportunities to learn, to groom and nurture their skills on personality development, value education and leadership. The curriculum also offers extra opportunities to work with parents and the community in order to inculcate the desired values to become responsible individuals of the society.Thus the middle school curriculum trains students to become successful, independent learners who are prepared to succeed in senior school and beyond.


Subjects Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular
English Physical Education
Second Language Hindi/Urdu/Malayalam/French Art
Arabic Club Activities
Science Music (Grade 6)
Social Studies & UAE Social Studies
Computer Science
Islamic Studies/ Moral Instruction
Moral Education

Head of Middle School

Elizabeth Sajan George

Elizabeth has been a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the OOS family for the past 14 years.  During her time at OOS Elizabeth has successfully carried out multiple roles.

Elizabeth Sajan

Subject-wise Curriculum for Middle School


What's Happening @ The Middle School

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