Admission Process

At Our Own English High School, Sharjah( Girls), we realize that every student is unique, and it is our endeavor to discover the genius in each of the learners we have the privilege to teach. Honing their individual talents and supporting them to be the best that they can be.

We have an open admissions policy and take great pride in offering a warm welcome to students with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (students with special education needs and disabilities) and students who are gifted and talented and students. Our staff are committed to educating all students in a common learning environment with similar-aged peers.

At Our Own English High School, Sharjah(Girls) diversity is made visible as a strength, respectful relationships are continually enhanced and all children fully participate in learning through adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet the diverse range of learners reflected in wider society.

Student Registration

Online registration for the new academic year commences by mid/end of September each year. Parents seeking admission for their wards must first register online. To register please follow the steps given below.


Click here to Enroll Online


The form requires you to enter Student Applicant's back ground as well as passport and visa details. Primary contact details of the Father/Mother/Guardian are required. It's important to fill in as many fields as you can so as to ensure proper communication between you and the school.

This symbol * represents mandatory fields that must be completed. The form will not submit unless you do so.


Select the Academic year and Grade carefully while filling the form.

Click proceed and your child’s application will be submitted. You will receive a SR-number in your registered E-mail ID and you will be directed to the next page. 


Click on the ‘Complete profile’ option given next to the SR-number to upload the documents (given below) and also complete any pending information.

List of documents to be uploaded:

• Passport copy of the student with valid visa (first page and last page)
• Emirates ID of the student
• Emirates ID of the Father
• Birth certificate of the child
• Latest Report Card/Periodic test (not applicable for KG1)
• Attested original TC and final term report card (to be submitted to the GRE at the earliest). (not applicable for KG1)

Admission Guidelines

Admission guidelines are as per current SPEA-Sharjah Private Education Authority regulations and are subject to change.

Age Guidelines:

Born in 2019, months of 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12& born in 2020, months of 1-2-3 can be registered in (KG1)

Born in 2018,months of 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12& born in 2019, months of 1-2-3 can be registered in (KG2)

Born in 2017, months of 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12& born in 2018, months of 1-2-3 can be registered in G ( 1)

Born in 2016, months of 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12& born in 2017, months of 1-2-3 can be registered in G (2)

1. A student is eligible for KG1 if she completes four years of age before the 31st of March of the year in which she has been admitted.

2. A student is eligible for KG2 if she completes five years of age before the 31st of March of the year in which she has been admitted.

3. A student is eligible for Grade1 if she has completed six years of age and does not exceed the age of eight by the 31st of March of the year in which she has been admitted. (2 years’ age bracket is implied for all Grades SUBJECT TO SPEA APPROVAL except KG).

4. For KG1/KG2 & Grade1 students already studying in Sharjah or any other Emirate, revised age regulations do not apply, but a Passed & Promoted result and duly attested TC is required from other emirates (within Sharjah attestation is not required).

5. If the student is coming from same curriculum the transfer/ admission should take place by 31st of May. Or else a Discontinued/ Running TC is required for admission.

6. Applicants are not allowed to have a gap of more than a month in schooling. In case there is any health/ personal reason for the gap then supporting documents will be required to seek approval from SPEA.

7. Students coming from non-Indian curriculum can be admitted only in the month of June, subject to availability of seats.
• For admission in Grade 9-12 prior approval from SPEA will be required.
• If the student is coming from a different curriculum with TC showing Year instead of Grade then the admission will be done for 1 lower Grade due to the difference in age criteria and Grade system.
It is mandatory to submit the following documents for admission:

• Duly attested Transfer Certificate & Final result with School stamp and Principal’s signature of the last Grade for all Grades KG2-Grade 9 for admissions at the beginning of the academic year (except for KG1, KG2 & Grade1 if they have never attended any school within the UAE, in such cases admission will be based on minimum age cut-off).

• Admissions for all Grades done after 31st May including KG1, KG2 & Grade 1 will require a duly attested Discontinued / Running TC and the Final result of the Previous Grade and 1st Term / Periodic Test Result of the current Grade with school stamp and Principal’s signature.

• For Grade 10 duly attested mark sheet of the previous year and TC stamped from school are required.

• For Grade 11, MOE Equivalency Certificate for Grade 10, duly attested mark sheet of the previous year & stamped mark sheet for Grade 9 and TC stamped from school are all required.

• For Grade 12, MOE Equivalency Certificate for Grade 11 duly attested mark sheets for last 2 years and TC stamped from school are required.

• Applicant's birth certificate in English/Arabic. (2 copies).

• Immunization certificate (2 copies).

• Applicant's valid passport (minimum 6 months validity).

• All 3 pages, 1st & last page of the passport and the visa page to be on the same side of a single sheet as per MINISTRY requirement. (3 copies)

• Valid residence visa of the applicant (minimum 6 months validity) (3 copies)

• Emirates ID card of the applicant (minimum 6 months validity). Both the sides of the card to be copied on the same side of a sheet (2 copies).

• Parents’ valid passport & Emirates ID Card (2 copies each).

• Applicant’s recent photos (not older than 3 months) with white background (4cm x 6 cm) (4 photos).

Admissions can be given only upon submission of required documents duly attested as mentioned below:

For students coming from India/ any other country outside Gulf:

  • Transfer Certificate must be attested by the District Education Officer in India or Equivalent/relevant Authority (in the country the applicant is coming from); Indian Consulate in Dubai/ Consulate of the country the applicant is coming from and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharjah. KG1, KG2 & Grade 1 new admissions are required to submit the same if admitted after the 31st of May.
  • Result must have the school stamp and Principal’s signature on the original.

For students coming from Gulf countries other than the U.A.E.:

  • The Transfer Certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Education of that country.
  • The Result should be stamped by the school (should have school stamp and Principal’s signature).

Students coming from within the U.A.E.:

  • The original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate (Arabic) of the school last attended, duly attested by the Ministry of Education/KHDA (Dubai) & ADEK (Abu Dhabi) and the Result of the previous Grade with the school stamp and Principal’s signature.

Direct admissions to Grades X & XII cannot be given without seeking prior approval from CBSE.
• EID card for all new admissions has to be scanned whenever SPEA initiates the process.
• Admissions are subject to availability of seats and the screening conducted in the school.


The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student whose character and conduct or academic performance is not satisfactory.


• The Transfer Certificate (T.C.) application form is available online.
• Parents may log in to GEMS Parent Portal with the username and password provided to them by the school and apply for T.C.
• Running/ Discontinued TC takes a week to 10 days after the last date of attendance and clearance of dues.
• Promoted TC takes 3-4 weeks after the Open-House, if there are no pending dues. (Subject to SPEA timeline for approving the results & attestation of TC).
• Parents are requested to collect the Medical Record of their ward from the Reception once they receive the TC.
• TCs are being attested online (barcode verification only) and are being emailed to parents.

Click here to Enroll Online

Declaration - Data protection Act 1998: Your data will be processed by GEMS in accordance with the UAE Data Protection l. We acknowledge the rights of individuals offering their data, particularly the sensitive personal information gathered during the registration process. Your data will be shared within GEMS Corporate Office and schools for admission and administrative purposes ONLY.

You will be required to declare that the information you have given is, to the best of your knowledge, true and correct and may be stored and used in accordance with GEMS registration and selection procedures. Please be aware that giving false information will disqualify your application. By ticking the declaration box (as a substitute for your signature), you confirm that you agree to the above declaration.


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