Math Olympiad

International Mathematics Olympiad

Math Olympiad
Ayesha Fatima Hakim of KG2 D was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for her outstanding performance in GC- International Mathematics Olympiad, Season 3 conducted by GENIUSCEREBRUM USA.  The Olympiad conducted online on 18th January 2022 had students from the world over participating in the event.
Ayesha Fatima secured 94/100 marks and achieved an International Rank of 863rd position as well as the Regional Rank of 418th. The main objective of the GIMO Olympiad is to test the mathematical and numerical skills of the students and to enhance their analytical and problem-solving skills.
We wish Ayesha Fatima Hakim the very best in all her future endeavors and hope to see her win many more medals and certificates.

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