The workings of a parliament are no longer something our pupils just read about in their text books. At OOS the students get hands–on experience by running a democratically elected school parliament with a Student Prime Minister at the helm, alongside a student opposition leader and a council of student ministers. The school parliament comprises of 64 members, all of whom are elected by the students. The students get hands-on experience which helps ingrain values of democracy in pupils, alongside imparting leadership skills.

The four houses of the school act like political parties. The two houses from which the candidates get the maximum number of votes form the government, while candidates of the other two houses form the opposition. Any proposal is debated and then voted on before being passed as a bill and presented to the school management.

The foundation of the Parliament lies in a written constitution, which resembles the Indian constitution but with terms rephrased to reflect the needs of the school with an aim to allow children to play an active role in the way the school functions and to make relevant decisions.

Student Leaders 2023-24