Our Own English High School - Sharjah focuses on holistic education that extends beyond the classroom to embrace a wide range of extra curricular activities including sports, nature trips, arts and crafts and exploratory excursions that provide a well-rounded experience and development of student potential. Our core educational values - World Citizenship, Leadership Qualities, Universal Values and Forward Thinking - are combined with an innovative, relevant approach to education.

We know that providing what children need to become exceptional adults requires more than just academics. Thus besides consistently attaining high standards of academic achievement, proven by external examination results well above national averages, We provide a kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, community involvement programmes and school events which support our rich education programmes.

'Our Own' embraces a philosophy of preparing the whole child for the whole world, and this unique perspective to education provides opportunities for students to develop their potential.

Exploration, innovative problem solving, independent expression and decision making are actively encouraged. As a result students become informed, confident and active learners with a strong sense of self, whilst being totally prepared for the world ahead.