Anitha Sanalkumar

Supervisor - Innovations

Anitha Sanalkumar is into her 18th year at OOS. During her time at OOS Anitha has successfully carried out multiple roles including; a Kindergarten teacher ,whole school activity Coordinator,  a High School Teacher, Supervisor for the Senior grades  and most recently the school Innovation Supervisor. Her academic journey is laced with accolades including the best teacher award in 2007, the GEMS core award for the most inspirational teacher in 2010. She was also a nominee for the Mariamma Varkey Award for the most innovative leader in 2016.  Originally from the city of Chennai, India, Anitha has Bachelor’s in Education, a Bachelors and a Diploma  in Clinical nutrition and a Masters in Advanced & Clinical Nutrition from Mumbai University. She has a great passion for Research in Educational Innovation and Technologies and finds new ways to ensure love for learning among students.