Aleena Preetha Manu

Sports Vice Captain

Aleena Preetha Manu, the Sports vice-captain, embodies a wonderful blend of ambition and dynamism and abides by the motto, 'Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I'm possible.' She has actively participated in the Prefectorial Board, balancing her academic ambitions, sports endeavors, leadership responsibilities, and extracurricular activities. She has represented the school in a variety of inter-school athletic events, including UAE School Games, Our Own Dubai Inter School Meet, CBSE Clusters, CBSE Nationals, and others, and has received numerous awards. She is also a well-trained and competent Karateka, having practiced the discipline for almost a decade and winning numerous honors. As a leader, Aleena demonstrates good communication skills, active listening, and leading by example. Her upbeat attitude, problem-solving abilities, and empathy for her peers make her an excellent motivator. Aleena encourages herself and her team to set ambitious goals. Aleena's leadership inspires greatness and pushes her team to their maximum potential.