Ayasha Minhaj

Captain – Jupiter House

Ayasha Minhaj is a proud Ourownite who believes that leadership is the ability to turn visions into reality. From being an active member of the Parliament, to serving as a Prefect for four years and then becoming the Vice Captain of Jupiter House, she takes immense pride in embracing the Jupiter House spirit- "Labour with Constancy '' alongside her fellow Jupitarians.
Throughout her years as an OOS leader, she has held strong the notion that in order to be an efficient leader, one must first be an approachable mentor and friend, hence explaining why she strives to be a dependable Captain.
Furthermore, she embraces compassion and genuinity, thereby fostering togetherness and team spirit among her peers. Ayasha is eager to continue leading the school as the Captain of Jupiter House by guarding integrity and meaningful insights as she believes that they are some of the vital components of one's leadership journey.