Kundanika Biswas

Secretary – Student Council

Kundanika, a devoted student of OOS, embodies not only the qualities of a good leader but also a team player. From an early age, she was determined to leave a lasting impression on other people’s minds, either by her words and opinions or her actions. And today, she believes that she has been successful in doing so thus far. As Secretary of Student Council, she doesn’t just hope to send in meaningless paperwork but rather be a catalyst for change who has the best interests of the student body in mind. She is not only a student and a leader; she is also a friend and a true one at that. She is looking forward to forming new friendships, gathering partnerships, and promoting the OOS fraternity to make viable improvements in the school community. Despite her constant drive to make changes, she is rigid on one matter: her principles and values. These build her up as a person, and she firmly believes that comprising the OOS values is out of the question. .