Maryam Sultana

Captain – Neptune House

Maryam Sultana is an avid learner and is proactive in her approach to gain new experiences and insights. She is committed to achieving the best results in all her endeavors. She is a passionate Neptunian who affirms the motto- ‘Truth will triumph’ by leading by example. She ensures to focus on not only personal but also on collective progress. She is a bold, confident and visionary leader who strongly upholds the values of team-work, inclusivity and integrity whilst balancing humility and empathy. She is dedicated to empowering others and appreciates diverse perspectives to foster a sense of relatability and belonging within the team. She remains hopeful for the future and promises to promote the acceptance of every student’s uniqueness. Further, knowing that a small change can create a big difference, she stays true to her motto,‘Today for the school, tomorrow for the world’