Offering a world-class education founded on the CBSE curriculum

Our Own English High School Sharjah offers a curriculum designed and developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi and prepares students for the All India Secondary Schools Examination (at the end of Grade 10) and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (at the end of Grade 12) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India.




The foundational years of a child are a time of both incidental as well as nurtured cognitive development – all under the context of a warm, fun lled environment. Experiential learning, that helps children cultivate inter-personal skills and a strong educational base, serves as the corner stone of the kindergarten syllabus.

The Kindergarten programme has been specically designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn and explore through the use of inquiry and discovery, promoting a curriculum that fosters the School Vision, GEMS Philosophy and international mindedness thus making it the ideal curriculum for our students. The children are prepared for the journey of life-long learning through a curriculum designed with units that foster learning and multisensory experiences. The focus of Kindergarten activities is to develop skills that lay a strong foundation for future learning. Apart from being comprehensive, the curriculum is also very practical and stresses the importance of experimenting and experiencing in order to develop the overall personality of the child.


Grades I to V 

The primary years are the formative years when students are initiated in the pursuit of seeking knowledge, thus the goal in Primary School is to nurture children in all dimensions of their life - spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. The curriculum incorporates child-centered principles that lead to holistic and multidisciplinary learning. The faculty provides a range of learning tasks appropriate for students at different developmental levels. It emphasizes the importance of literacy, numeracy, and language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in science and technology, social, personal, and health education, and citizenship.

Learning stems out of students' natural inclination to question thereby fostering self-directed learning. Children's abilities in oral communication and articulation of one's ideas are enhanced through project based learning, creative expression, dramatics and an inquiry-based classroom. The nurturing environment enables them to collaborate, assume responsibility for independent work and pursue individual interests. 

Continuous Assessments are an integral part of our evaluation system and are implemented to ascertain the knowledge, understanding, and skills attained by each child. Continuous Assessments occur at periodic intervals during the school year and are a part of regular classroom interactions. Parents receive regular feedback and updates on their child's development and progress at school. A home-school partnership is encouraged which goes a long way in contributing to the success of each child.


Grades VI to VIII 

The curriculum in the middle school is comprehensive and balanced focusing on the holistic development of every student. It lays emphasis on the integration of Science and Technology, relating Math to daily life and concept based teaching in Social Science. Languages focus on enhancing students’ communication and creative skills making them effective communicators and condent individuals.

A wide range of teaching and learning strategies are provided for students to have real life experiences and take responsibility for their own learning. Through collaborative work and investigative learning students learn to apply critical reasoning, problem solving and thinking skills. E-learning prepares students for the 21st century student community. 

The curriculum includes activities such as drama, debate, creative writing, elocution, quizzes, painting and sketching, educational trips and attending workshops. Under the banner of “PULSE” (PERSONAL UNIVERSAL AND LIFE SKILLS EDUCATION) students are provided opportunities to learn, to groom and nurture their skills on personality development, value education and leadership. The curriculum also offers extra opportunities to work with parents and the community in order to inculcate the desired values to become responsible individuals of the society. 

Thus the middle school curriculum trains students to become successful, independent learners who are prepared to succeed in senior school and beyond.


Grades IX & X

 This is the culminating stage of secondary education wherein students are prepared for Senior School.

 Classroom teaching is complemented by laboratory work, audio-visual lessons and student-led research work. GEMS core values and Green values are linked not only while teaching in classrooms but also while engaging in co-scholastic activities. Seminars and workshops by professionals from various academic and vocational fields are arranged to help students narrow down their choices to the field they would like to pursue. 

Students are encouraged to participate in a host of co-curricular activities including elocution, debates, quizzes, essay writing and so on. Students also get opportunities to be part of the school magazine 'Strides'. As a part of the School's thrust towards developing condent and dynamic student leaders, it has evolved a system of selecting student appointments from amongst a large group of bright and responsible students. Student leaders are thus empowered to enforce discipline, assist in organizing school functions and liaise between the student body and the School's administration. By this stage students become independent learners and take the responsibility of setting their targets and achieving them.


Grades XI & XII 

Students in the Senior School become more specialized in their studies with a focus on eventual career choices. Specialist teaching therefore increases to equip students for higher education and the professional world. The curriculum is linked to GEMS core values and Green values so that students come out as successful individuals with global perspectives and are conscious of the environment. 

This is the Plus Two Stage in the 10+2 pattern of education leading to the All India Senior School Certificate Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Students are prepared for the CBSE Grade XII Board Examinations in a comprehensive learning environment.