Junior Parliament 2023 - Oath Taking Ceremony

Junior Parliament 2023 - Oath Taking Ceremony

After a host of campaigns and elections, the young and dynamic Junior School Parliamentarians of Our Own English High School Sharjah were invested with their badges at the Oath Taking Ceremony on 11th May 2023. Ms. Asma Gilani, the esteemed Principal of Our Own English High School, administered the oath of office and shared her insightful wisdom with the audience.

Mythili Rajith Nambiar, the newly elected Prime Minister, assumed her position with the firm resolve to be a receptive and proactive leader, attentive to each and every opinion, and committed to implementing exceptional ideas within the school. She aspires to lead by example, setting a benchmark for others to follow.

Ms. Vaiga Visanth, the Leader of the Opposition, pledged to be an unwavering support for the ruling party, working harmoniously with them. She emphasized that genuine leadership is not founded solely on authority, but rather on the ability to exert influence in a positive and meaningful manner.

We wish all the Juniour Parliamentarians an enriching leadership experience!

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