The Synergasia Wellness School Cluster Staff Event unfolded as an extraordinary celebration, fostering unity and playfulness among 196 enthusiastic participants from GLS, OOW, OOB, OOS, OIS, and OOD. Set against the picturesque backdrop of a Saturday on the 3rd of February, with the heavens seemingly joining in on the camaraderie, the official commencement of the games by OOS Principal marked the beginning of a day filled with laughter, friendly competition, and genuine bonding across various events held at multiple venues. The activities, ranging from chess to badminton, throwball, volleyball, cricket, carrom, and fun games, showcased the incredible talents and sportsmanship of the staff.
Colleagues embraced their inner child, contributing to a shared sense of joy and unity. Beyond the competitive spirit, the event played a crucial role in fortifying essential bonds for a supportive and collaborative work environment. The participation of nine non-GEMS coaches added a layer of professionalism to this holistic educational community gathering.
Cluster Lead Mr. Michael Guzder, exuding enthusiasm, took the stage to personally present awards to the deserving winners of the Synergasia Wellness School Cluster Staff Event. During his engaging address to the cluster of schools, he expanded on the celebration of victories, emphasizing a broader perspective on the event's significance. He highlighted how such events foster healthy competition and serve as invaluable opportunities for networking and collaboration among educational institutions. Specifically commending OOS for their proactive initiative in organizing the event, Mr. Guzder acknowledged the effort and dedication that went into orchestrating such a successful gathering. This recognition not only praised the host school but also set a precedent for appreciation and acknowledgment within the collaborative cluster. Gems Legacy emerged as the overall winners, securing the highest victories across various activities. The principal expressed unwavering commitment to elevating Synergasia to new heights in the upcoming year, resonating with the collective aspiration for continued growth and success within the educational community.

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