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CBSE Chess Cluster Tournament

From tiny acorns rise mighty oaks!
19 students from OOS participated in the CBSE Chess Cluster Tournament which was held on 11th Jan 2023 at GEMS United Indian School, Abu Dhabi.
Kezia Elizabeth George – KG 2 F was the youngest participant in the tournament and she won all the 5 rounds she played and was very much appreciated by the Principal of GEMS United Indian School, Abu Dhabi Mr. K. George Mathew.

Our teams secured the following positions in the tournament:
1st Position- Under 11 represented by :
• Kezia Elizabeth George – KG2 F
• Angelina George – 5 M
• Srithika Anand – 5 E
• Harshini Ramesh – 4 J
• Molina – 3 D

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