LAB meeting 2022

Friends of Our Own Sharjah

Friends of Our Own Sharjah
 Saturday 21st May 2022 saw the resurrection of normal school partnerships as Our Own Sharjah Girls hosted its LAB meeting face to face after a hiatus of 2 years.
Online interactions were a plenty but a personal connect always adds value , as was evident by the parent expressions of happiness and relief and overall satisfaction with the school as a whole. 
The LAB meeting was an apt platform to felicitate the LAB members of 2021-22 and welcome some new additions to the Board
The event was chaired by Senior Vice President GEMS- Mr. Ganapathi Bhat and Vice President GEMS Mr. Michael Guzder.Mr Guzder reiterated the importance of values such as empathy, safeguarding and the happiness factor to enhance the academic journey of school going students. The Head Girl, Ms.Brahmistha Bhattacharjee elucidated the manifold opportunities for  learning and leadership offered by the school as she represented the sentiments of the student body.
The staff representative Ms. Sujatha Athmaraman appreciated the collegial atmosphere and training opportunities provided to all staff.
The Principal presented the school’s developmental initiatives and achievements followed by presentations by the Senior Leadership Team on departmental initiatives, Inclusion

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